This will be the place

Art Direction Consultancy, Concept Development and Set Design for Cassina “this will be the place” book edited by Felix Burrichter and published by Rizzoli

Includes essays and interviews by Beatriz Colomina, Konstantin Grcic, Arno Brandlhuber and Zaho Yang and five short essays by Martti Kalliala which serve as the inspiration for the five visual themes we created.

These conceptual themes were visually translated into five different visual chapters featuring Cassina products in different settings. These chapters (Freeflow, Artful Living, Playground, Back To The Roots & Bedtime) each represented a new way of living in the future, as well as how Cassina, with its strong brand identity, could fit into each of these possible realities. Each theme depicts possible scenarios of domestic interiors, combining classic elegance and design research with an avant-garde and experimental language with pictures by Charles Negre, Leonardo Scotti, Giuseppe Brancato and collages by Fausto Fantinuoli.